Happy 2017!

Hello to All My Fellow Bloggers!

I haven’t been present this year, but I made attempts to keep in touch with your posts and life musings. I haven’t been idle, though: I tried to work as hard as I could at the Memoir I am currently editing, hoping to put it out there into the collective cloud of good, inspiring stuff to read. I am hopeful that, the way that it haunted me (in a positive way, of course) and I couldn’t tear myself away from writing it, it will similarly be touching, soul-stirring my readers. It is my dearest hope that all the raw experience and knowledge that I have been pouring into those pages will inspire and help at least a fellow being or two.

I wish you all the best possibilities to manifest and be the best you can be, I pray for Peace in the World and for Love!

Happy New 2017!



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