Four Things That Make It Hard to Keep The Inherent Balance of The Universe

Who says it’s hard to quit smoking, that it’s hard to lose weight, or that it’s hard to stop hating those who did you harm?

Who says those things know nothing of what hard really is. I’ve done all of them, and I find that they were by far easier than the new challenges I am facing now.

From where I stand, I would say that nothing is as hard as to:

  1. stop showing your love to those who do not know how to let themselves be loved.
  2. quit giving yourself, your time and energy, to those who don’t have a clue of what you are doing
  3. stop giving freely of your energy to those who will just spill it, doing things less important than the things you could do if you had all this energy and time only for yourself
  4. stop depriving the people you love of the possibility of learning their own lessons

No thing in the world is as hard as realizing that, with your free generosity, you only create unbalance in the give and take exchange of energy in the universe.

7 thoughts on “Four Things That Make It Hard to Keep The Inherent Balance of The Universe”

  1. Finding your blog is like a gift to me! I’d like my blog to have the same look. what is your theme? I’d love to know how to have a side column like you do with the categories listed. Much easier for people to find posts that interest them. Love everything here!


  2. Interesting… this post has sat here all these months and I didn’t see it. And today, when I’m ready, I come to it and you clarify my feelings and strengthen my resolve. Serendipity? It happens a lot. Thank you.

    And again, thank you.

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    1. Glad you found it useful. I do have some consideration for serendipity myself, and for good reasons – I believe all of us only believe because we have had some first-hand experience, otherwise it would be harder.

      (BTW, right after talking – chatting with you relative to women “provoking men”, right after one or two hours I received a facebook share with a great article developing exactly on that – it was a first time, usually I get other subjects in my network- it made think of our discussion.

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  3. This is so true ! I like the title . Every statement of yours resonates with truth. It is something most of us have gone through. Why do women who face domestic abuse still love their husbands and cannot bear to see them being arrested by police ? Why do such women forgive their abusive husbands over and over again ?
    Why do abused wives give their money to their abusive partners even when they know that money will be ill-used, perhaps to buy alcohol, which would become fodder for more abuse ?
    Why ? Why ? Why ?

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