Hello Blogosphere!

It is now being said that thoughts and inspiration belong to a cloud that is beyond the individual brain. If you can be more creative when you have a partner with whom you  can bounce your thoughts and ideas off, how much more creative we all can be…

Think of that: all that we know today (so much more, and in many instances so  different than only ten years ago), has been happening very much like a feedback loop that happens between bloggers themselves and audiences at large.

I am now on my second month of taking Blogging 101 – the first time was in January this year (although I was first set on blogging a while ago, in 2011), when I had to stop mid-way.

The reason I chose to be blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal is that I kept for years that personal journal – it did help me uncover myself to myself, but it helped me mostly in tracing a map for the events in my life. This lead me to discover that there IS meaning in fact, and maybe more than any of us dare to think of – there is something important about our human condition.  It is this fact that pushed me, rather than stay in my own shell and follow my nature, made me go public – so I decided to embrace and enjoy the benefits of blogging, for myself and for others. Blogging helps you express yourself in ways that you never thought yourself capable of, but mostly, reach out to people and share, exchange. It helps you open up to others in ways deeper than direct contact would allow, and I find that in many ways blogging has been helping to build an amazing human capital around the globe. All that we know today – so much more, and so differently than only ten years ago, has been happening because of the feedback loop that happens between bloggers and audiences at large.

When you uncover yourself, you discover others and will eventually bring together common experiences and learn and grow together.

We are currently going through unprecedented, challenging times; we can allow ourselves to lower our safety guards and loose a bit our protective shells. It takes risk and courage to start the journey in search of ourselves, but like never before we all feel a compelling drive to self-discovery, or to unravel our real identity and discover a truer reality. We are all in need of that deeper meaning that, once found, sheds light on everything else.

Personal development can be taken to the next level through sharing with others one’s personal experience. It eventually becomes an exchange which will help other people in turn – blogging is a give-and-take experience. Once one is set on his way on both the path of blogging and on the path of personal development, the rest is coming in surprising ways.

4 thoughts on “Hello Blogosphere!”

  1. This is a great post, and it backs up something I have always believed. I just never thought of it as a cloud. I believe that most writers have experienced the phenomenon of feeling taken over by something beyond themselves when they write. People with a religious faith put it down to God, but for those of us who don’t have that faith it’s a really odd feeling.


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